ALEKS Math Placement Test at Shippensburg University

About the ALEKS Math Placement Test

Shippensburg University requires an ALEKS Placement, Preparation and Learning (ALEKS PPL) Assessment to determine readiness for mathematics courses. ALEKS PPL is a web-based program that uses artificial intelligence to map a student’s strengths and weaknesses. The Placement Assessment is up to 30 questions and generally takes 60-90 minutes to complete. After the Placement Assessment, an individualized Prep and Learning Module is available for students to refresh their knowledge on forgotten topics. Students then have the opportunity to reassess and improve their placement.

ALEKS consists of three parts:

  • An initial placement assessment, which will give you a math placement level, as shown on the Math placement level chart.
    PLEASE NOTE: These assessments require a webcam and a lockdown browser extension that is NOT compatible with Chromebooks. You must use a Windows or Mac device to complete your ALEKS test.
  • Prep and Learning Modules, an individualized, self-paced online review based on the results of your practice assessment.
  • Access to 4 additional Placement Assessments. You can repeat this test to continue trying to improve your Math placement result.

Shippensburg University encourages each student to spend time in the Prep and Learning Module, even if the desired score is achieved, because time spent in ALEKS will ultimately lead to better preparation and improved grades.

Click here to view the ALEKS PPL FAQ Sheet

Accessing the ALEKS Math Placement Test

The ALEKS Placement Test is 100% online. If you are required to complete a placement test, you will see a Placement Activities checklist item in your MyShip portal, as well as the instructions for completing the ALEKS Test. 

Access your MyShip Placement Portal to view your placement requirements. 

After the Placement Test

Math placement scores can fall into one of six categories. 

Different majors will have different math requirements. To help you make sense of your math requirements see the Guidebook for Advising Undergraduate Students to view math General Education Requirements as well as major-specific math requirements as well as the Math placement flow chart. 

Math Placement FAQs

Am I required to take the placement test? 

ACT or SAT scores must be within 2 years from the time a student is accepted and confirmed to Shippensburg University in order to determine if placement testing is required. If you do not have SAT scores, you must take the ALEKS placement test. 

A math placement test is required for first-year students whose ACT-M is 22 or less or whose SAT-M is 550 or less. Students with Math SAT scores greater than 550 are not required to take a placement test; however, these students may participate in ALEKS PPL Assessment to try to increase their level.

Can I increase my math placement level?

If you are required to take a prerequisite mathematics course, but you feel that you already know the material covered in one or more of these courses, then you may attempt optional math challenge testing online for free.

If you are not required to take the placement test, you may still participate in ALEKS PPL Assessment to try to increase your level

Increasing your level in this way will allow you to take fewer Math classes at Shippensburg, which will save you money, get you on track with your chosen field of study, and make it much more likely that you will graduate in four years. Our goal is to make sure that you are in the appropriate math course based on your math skill level.

Taking ALEKS to increase your math level is meant to give you an opportunity to demonstrate the mathematical knowledge that you already have. It is not intended to replace any existing math course, and it cannot be used to earn credit in a course.

If you would like to try to increase your math level, please email