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Textbook Network

The Textbook Network at Shippensburg University houses programs to support students with their textbook needs. Students have the following options to receive support.

  • University Bookstore for buying and renting textbooks.
  • A Lending Library was established in the Spring 2022.
  • Book Scholarship for students that have identified financial need.
  • Reserve textbooks for student use at the library.


The programs are a collaboration between the Library, Financial Aid, the Student Accounts Office, the University Bookstore, and the Office for Student Retention

Lending Library Program Student Application

Student Contract


  • Textbooks are available based upon program funding on a first-come, first-served basis.
  • Textbooks borrowed through the SU Lending Library are the property of the SU Lending Library.
  • Textbooks borrowed through the Lending Library program are available for the current semester only.
  • Students must present their SU student ID at the time of checkout.
  • Textbooks borrowed through the Lending Library cannot be highlighted or written in. It is the student's responsibility to examine all textbooks for previous markings at the time of checkout and note these findings in the contract.
  • Please respect all copyright and trademark laws.
  • Textbooks and any accompanying materials such as CD-ROMs, workbooks, etc. must be returned to the Library by the last day of the finals week.
  • Students who do not return textbooks and accompanying materials by the end of the semester will be charged a replacement fee and a hold will be placed on the student borrower's account. This hold will affect future course registrations.
  • Lost textbooks will be replaced at the expense of the student borrower.
  • The student borrower's signature on the SU Lending Library contract signifies agreement to all related policies and guidelines.


The student borrower must file the Federal Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) before completing the Lending Library application. 

Questions about the application procedure should be directed to 717-477-1292 or

Use your Student ID number to locate your required course materials at

Lending Library Application

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Lending Library FAQs

No, the Lending Library is open to ALL students and has no financial requirements. 

You can request a maximum of 2 textbooks (unless you have special approval). The books must be hardcover or paperback, no access codes or digital texts.

There is not a deadline, however, the sooner the better. Requests are filled in the order they are received.

We process requests daily. Students should receive an email update within a couple days of applying. If the response is delayed, it could be that the textbook requested is not in stock.

You may contact Alisha Smith at x-3355 or send an email to

Contact the Office for Student Retention

Phone: 717-477-1396