Sustainability Pledge

As a member of the Shippensburg University community, I celebrate the monumental importance of stewardSHIP for using resources wisely, and for protecting and conserving nature, and the physical, social and economic environments that sustain us. There are simple acts that I commit to in order to guard myself, my family, my friends, and the communities within which we reside. Beginning today, I will strive to be an informed steward of local, regional, and global resources so that I may advocate for a more healthful and sustainable world. By educating myself and those around me, by making small sacrifices to reduce my footprint, and by taking action to support our communities today and in the future, I pledge myself to learn and serve.

Nulla vestigia retrorsum. “There’s no looking back”

By taking part in a least one action per week, I am joining the fight to make Shippensburg University and the communities beyond a more sustainable world.

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I am a Shippensburg University....

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I understand that by committing to some of these actions and actively encouraging others to do likewise, we will take an essential step towards ensuring a more sustainable future and promoting a respect for nature and human dignity.

Examples of Activities That I WILL DO to make the campus. our community, our world a healthier environment now and the future.

Recycling & Reduction of Waste

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Energy Usage

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Water Usage

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Food/Produce Choices

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Community Engagement

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Lastly, share these ideas with friends, family, and neighbors!

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