E-mail Migration Project

All Ship e-mail accounts will be moved to Microsoft's Office 365 cloud infrastructure during winter break 2020 in order to take advantage of additional features and enhanced mail security.

Project Updates

As of December 27, 2020, the following accounts have been migrated to Office 365:

  • All student accounts
  • All retiree accounts
  • All employee and contractor/volunteer accounts
  • Most shared mailboxes and other Outlook resources

https://mail.ship.edu has now been reconfigured to go to the new Outlook on the web experience, so Ship users can browse to this address again to access their email on the web.

For assistance setting up sync on a mobile device, please see instructions on the After the Migration page.

Migration will offer the following benefits:

  • Increased e-mail storage limits
    • New total email storage for employees and students:  100 GB
    • New total email storage for retirees and contractors/volunteers:  50 GB
    • New per-message size limit (including message body and attachments):  35 MB
  • Enhanced security against spam, phishing attempts, and other threats
  • Modern improvements to the Outlook web access interface
  • Improved calendar sharing options
  • Shared mailbox improvements, including the ability to access shared mailboxes and calendars from your mobile device
  • Cost savings and improved reliability for the university

Ship IT staff have been preparing for the mail migration project and pilot testing features for the past few months in order to make the transition as easy as possible for Ship students and employees. While the migration should be mostly seamless, you may see minor disruptions as the migration is occurring over winter break.

Migration Timeline

Beginning Saturday, December 5th

  • IT staff will begin to migrate mailboxes of Ship students

Beginning after student mailbox migration is completed (mid-December)

  • IT staff will begin to migrate mailboxes of Ship employees


What to expect

Most aspects of your mailbox, including your email address and basic ways of accessing your mail, will be unchanged. The migration project will carry forward all current email messages, calendar items, contacts, and other items stored in your mailbox.

It may be necessary to re-add your account to your mobile device or to Outlook after your account has been migrated. Please see our After the Migration page for instructions for your device type.


Additional Resources