Office of Professional, Continuing and Distance Education

Are you busy with your profession, yet seek to start or complete a degree? Are you looking for programs that offer you flexibility, an exciting learning platform, skills that will help you get that next promotion or to start a new venture? Shippensburg University's Office of Professional, Continuing and Distance Education (PCDE) is the perfect place for you.

We offer a wide variety of courses and programs that are tailored to suit your unique needs. We understand the changing needs of adult learners, working professionals and students who want to start or complete a degree. You can select from our many online, evening and off-campus options, with programs designed to meet your academic, professional and personal goals.

Upcoming Non-Credit Programs


You can choose continuing education studies that offer credit and non-credit degrees and certificates, professional development and off-campus learning. If you choose to go for an online education, look at our online course offerings, as well as online summer and winter terms. We also offer several off-campus programs, degrees, and certificates through the Dixon University Center in Harrisburg. PCDE also provides customized training programs for employers who wish to help their employees expand their knowledge and accelerate their career goals.

Mission Statement

We are committed to helping you find a true fit through our varied programs — online or offline, continuing education, professional development or for customized training solutions. Our goal is your success, whether you are seeking a program to reach the next level in your career, educational goals or business venture.


Our university works with distance education policies, guidelines and best practices. You can check particular sections of the website for regional and national distance education standards and guidelines that we follow. Shippensburg University is approved to offer programs that may lead to licensure/certification in the state of Pennsylvania. We work with Pennsylvania's State System of Higher Education and have developed a strategy for applying for the necessary authorizations in all states, the District of Columbia and United States territories.

Education Services

Online Education — SHIPOnline

Learning online gives you the flexibility to complete your coursework and pursue your degree, despite time and travel constraints. Our programs are designed and taught by expert faculty with the busy student in mind. As online courses generally require no face-to-face time, they can be taken from your home, office or wherever you are.

So, if you have a busy work and life schedule, are self-motivated and can complete work at your own pace, want a structured and inclusive learning environment that allows for accelerated, focused coursework, and are driven to pursue and complete degree, professional or academic goals so that you can get to the next level in life — come join one of our many programs.

Choose from undergraduate degree completion programs such as the Bachelor of Science in professional studies, or the many offered during our summer and winter sessions. You can also opt for these graduate programs: Online Master of Business Administration (MBA), Online Master of Science in Criminal Justice, or Online Master of Arts in Teaching (MAT) STEM Education. If you are seeking certificates, courses, and credentials, we offer programs in Business/IT such as advanced studies in business certificate, advanced supply chain and logistics management certificate, finance certificate and health care management certificate. You can also choose programs in early childhood or education. Our professional development self-paced online programs, offered in partnership with MindEdge, include cybersecurity, data analytics, digital marketing and sustainable management.

Continuing Education Programs

Whether you need to join a program that is in the evenings, on the weekends, in a condensed schedule and/or through distance and online education, we have the perfect fit for you. Some of our off-campus programs are designed as cohorts, which encourages collaboration and peer support. The cohorts follow a specific course schedule throughout the degree program.

You can take on the professional studies degree completion program (online) or the Bachelor of Social Work degree completion (Harrisburg). You can also choose from these graduate programs: online MBA, online M. S. in criminal justice, or M.A. in teaching (MAT) STEM Education (hybrid). Our certificates, courses, and credentials are offered in business/IT, counseling, social work, and human services, early childhood, education, English, professional leadership and humanities, as well as science and geography. You can also select one of the several distance education courses and programs at the Dixon University Center in Harrisburg.

Professional Development

Are you ready to take your career to the next level? Our programs are continually updated and created to ensure you have a selection of the most relevant ones to excel in your career. Take a look at our current programs such as accounting/bookkeeping, career essentials such as Microsoft Office 365 essentials certificate, Microsoft Office expert courses, or the soft skills certificate, human resources certification preparation (HRCP) or brew science.

Distance Education

In partnership with Dixon University Center (DUC) in Harrisburg, we offer certificates, degrees, graduate coursework, and professional development programs that will ensure you do not lose time in travel after/during a hard day’s work. Designed for working adults, these programs take place in the evenings, on weekends, or through a blend of face-to-face and online. Our business M.B.A. concentrations are offered at DUC and include advanced supply chain and logistics management and management information systems (online with face-to-face options). If your career is in the field of counseling, social work, and human services, you can join the post-master's advanced clinical certificate program or the post-master's professional training in developmental trauma. We also offer a number of graduate certificates and post-master's programs in education, undergraduate courses in English, as well as discrete degrees in professional leadership and humanities such as M.S. in organizational development and leadership and master’s in public administration (M.P.A.).

Customized Training Solutions

If your organization requires customized, professional training programs designed to meet the needs of its employees, you will find a variety of options through PCDE. Our faculty are highly experienced subject matter experts who design training programs based upon your organizational and professional development needs. Contact us today to design training solutions to meet your company's needs.

In order to successfully collaborate and design training, we provide support and services in various ways such as by identifying issues or areas for growth in performance and skills; determining what type of training or solution is best to accomplish organizational, employee, and business goals; and developing short-term, long-term, or industry-specific training in collaboration with our industry-experienced faculty and instructors.

Our areas of expertise include, but are not limited to, K-12 educator development, educational leadership development, strategic leadership, operations, and supply management, human resource management, accounting and finance, marketing, business ethics and law, and organizational culture and communication. Our training programs include lunch and learn series, one-day trainings, general management and leadership, multi-level training (basic, intermediate, advanced), mini-MBA programs, certificate of completion, continuing education units (CEUs) as well as digital badges to share on your online profiles.