Office for Students First

First-generation at Shippensburg University is defined as: 

student whose parent(s) or legal guardian(s) does not have a  

baccalaureate (four-year) college degree

In collaboration with the Office for Housing and Residence Life, a Living Learning Community (LLC) was made for First-generation students. The First Gen LLC is an opportunity for First Gen students to have a space with events and resources directly relating to barriers they overcome. You can find more information about LLC's and how to apply to them on the Office for Housing and Residence Life's webpage.

Our Mission

The Office for Students First at Shippensburg University will serve first-generation students from recruitment to graduation through research-based programs, best practices, campus-wide advocacy, and resources. Our focus is to enhance the academic quality of life for all students who aspire to be the first in their families to obtain a four-year college degree.  

Our Vision 

The Office for Students First will foster exemplary practices that fills the academic gaps for first-generation students, providing them with an advantage, while being recognized for our program’s quality and services locally, regionally, and nationally.  

Our Core Values 

  • Relationships 
    • The Office for Students First will establish healthy relationships with all first-generation students and families, the college community, and the local community, while teaching our students how to build positive relationships. 
  • Advocacy 
    • We are advocates for all first-generation students, and we empower our students to self-advocate. 
  • Persistence 
    • We will persist and be diligent in engaging with every first-generation student on campus. No first-generation student is insignificant, and all our first-generation students matter. Further, we will educate every first-generation student on persisting in all areas of academia, so they achieve success.  
  • Service 
    • We are here to serve first-generation students by meeting them where they are on their path in life. We will also teach them how to serve themselves and others, so they become role-models and leaders in their communities and within their careers.