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Women's & Gender Studies

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Women's & Gender Studies (WST) is a multi-disciplinary program that explores topics concerning gender differences, identities, and issues as analyzed by the humanities, social sciences, and natural sciences. Scholarship is inclusive and explores the varying racial, ethnic, and class backgrounds of women. Women's & Gender Studies analyzes the experiences of all people with respect to sociocultural, social psychological, and biological factors that influence the construction and representation of gender.

Women's & Gender Studies courses often involve the investigation of materials previously neglected by scholars, and new methodological and critical approaches to materials customarily treated in other ways. Such courses may thus propose revisions in the content, methods, assumptions, and theories of particular disciplines in light of feminist and intersectional scholarship.

Students interested in Women's and Gender Studies may pursue a minor or a certificate in WST.

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Dr. Misty L. Knight, Interim Director